Property 13

The modern house is situated on a 40ft by 60ft plot and embraces a design that maximizes open spaces while minimizing the use of walls, creating a sense of openness and connection with the surroundings. The dining area is thoughtfully positioned to open up into a garden. There is a centrally located a courtyard with a skylight on the other side of the dining area. This courtyard brings in ample natural light and serves as a tranquil space within the house, adding a touch of serenity and visual interest. It incorporates the concept of a floating Puja, positioned horizontally with windows above and below that gives a floating effect, to create a distinct and visually striking element within the house. The house also includes a car park with a mezzanine space above it. This arrangement optimizes the use of space while maintaining functionality and practicality. The mezzanine space can serve as a home office. The elevation of the house is modern with a combination of white walls and exposed cement finish. This contrast creates a visually appealing facade, adding depth and texture to the overall design. These cement and white finished walls are juxtaposed by horizontal overhangs of metal and wood finish to give a complete modern design.